Apr. 1st, 2004


Apr. 1st, 2004 01:14 pm
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You are Jubilee! Though you may be young and inexperienced, you have
great potential and will someday become an
admirable figure. For that to happen, though,
you must overcome your juvenile belief system
and adopt a more mature view on life.

Which X-Men character are you most like?
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What Psych-Ward do you belong to?
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My Smallville guy is Lex Luthor!
Who's YOUR Smallville guy?
This quiz brought to you by Giselle and Vatrixsta at The Talon

Sé que puede parecer que me he tangado, pero juro que contestaba las respuestas más cachondas. Por ejemplo en "¿Qué libro está leyendo tu chico ahora?" Puse "Cómo recuperar tu granja de maiz del bastardo que te la robó, en 10 cómodos pasos". Así que: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, LEEEEEEEEEXITOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Sob. Cry. Sniffle. You lead an awful existence, tortured by those such as your father, your House, Harry, Voldemort, Snape, and the list goes on. Often going hand in hand with Slashy!Draco, you are usually paired up with either Harry or (ew) Lucius. Sometimes suicidal, sometimes just very fond of how blood looks on your pale skin, you bitch and whine throughout the whole story. How depressing.
Find out which Draco you are.


Y mira que me moría porque me saliera el LeatherPants!Draco, (Immortalized by the famous "Draco Sinister" (by Cassandra Claire), you are witty, sexy, and the typical bad boy girls love. You are paired with Ginny or Hermione, because they remind the author the most of herself. You have sudden special powers that enable you to go along special Voldie-killing missions with Harry and Co. At first you get on everyone's nerves, especially Ron's, but soon everyone learns to love you. Everyone.

Pero este es mi favorito: donna
You are Donnatella Moss, assistant to Josh Lyman...
which, I guess, makes you the Deputy Deputy
Chief of Staff.

Which West Wing Assistant Are You?
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Soy Donna! ¡¡¡Qué emoción!!! Argh, ahora he perdido la foto... ¡Pero soy Donna! ¡Voy a vender mi coche y a mangarle la silla a Josh! ¡Yupiiiii!! Por cierto, ya llevo cinco retos y subiendo. Gracias a todos!!


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